The help page of delivers you a step by step detailed explanation on how to configure your printer for the online ruler. For a more compact guide see the print setup on our homepage. We have tested our product on numerous printers down to the millimeter, though we cannot guarantee perfect accuracy.

Notice: This guide is made for Adobe Reader 9, so it can differ slightly from your interface.

Step 1

Click on the Ruler of your preference to download it. If this doesn’t work, save the file to your desktop by right-clicking the Ruler and selecting “Save Target As…”. Open it afterwards


Step 2

Press on the print button step2

Step 3

Make sure the “Page Scaling” is set to “none”


Step 4

Click on “Properties”


Step 5

Make sure the “Page Size” is set to Letter or A4, depending on the used paper size. (the interface of your printer can differ from the example shown)


Step 6

Print the Ruler!